song against sex

On how it sucks to feel trapped in your own body, especially when even your friends don’t understand.
November 15, 2010, 2:21 am
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Here’s an excerpt of a chat with a friend this evening. (We were both feeling angsty and explaining why.)

R: why angsty?
Me: mainly because some of my friends have been posting before/after photos of taking T. :|
R: T?
Me: er, hormones.
R: testosterone?
Me: er, yes.
R: as in recreationally?
R: or for sex change?
Me: noooooooo.
Me: friends who are going to transition or are thinking about it.
R: ah
Me: like, such as.

R: wow.
R: why are your transitioning friends causing you angst?
Me: because i have always wanted boy hips.
R: wanting male hips is not a solid reason to take T
R: it can cause problems with things
R: and also will likely amplify your sex drive times a billion
Me: i wasn’t asking for advice, and i’m not taking T, and i don’t WANT to take T, and i’m not trans but i do experience dysphoria. also, i fucking HAVE no sex drive.
R: sorry, i’m not meaning to be all like forewarning ish or anything
R: i just care, ykno?
R: and one of the side effects of T is increase/development of sex drive, as one of the primary causes of sex drive is testosterone levels.
Me: i sometimes think that bodies suck.

I can’t think about this too long or I’ll get upset, and there are no yadas here to take me out drinking.