song against sex

December 15, 2010, 5:36 am
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I feel awkward tonight for being stubborn with my birds and for having such an issue to be stubborn about in the first place.

I’m sorry, birds, I love you. You don’t even know how much.


Why do /all/ of my gender issues revolve around what’s in my bra?!
November 13, 2010, 3:03 am
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[Or at least, I’d estimate, 90% of them.]

Tonight I went glow bowling with my family and a huge horde of teenagers in skate clothes and neon sunglasses (aka my youngest brother’s birthday party).  I loooooooooooooooove blacklight. I want it in my future!house. In the living room. And I want crazy skating rink carpet in there. BUT I DIGRESS.

The fun thing about glow bowling, of course, is all the glowing going on. My white “Turn off your TV and read” button was glowing like a lighthouse. I LOVE IT. A few minutes after arriving, I notice you can kind of see my makeshift binder glowing through my blue shirt. Eh, who cares? Not meeee. I was there to have fun, and have fun I did. I was especially bad at bowling tonight, due to some recent wrist issues (not to say that I’m any good when my wrists are healthy). I laughed a lot and we high-fived each other every time one of us got a strike.

About halfway through the night, I turned around to find a girl, one of the party guests, standing by me, leaning in with her face literally two inches away from mine. (Personal space, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.) She laughed at my obvious discomfort and then began her speech. “Next time you go glow bowling, don’t wear a white sports bra,” she said. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you; I just think it’s hilarious.” (Commence hysterical giggling.)

What I wanted to say is quite different from what I actually said. I considered making a snappy remark, perhaps asking her why she wasn’t confronting another guest three feet away whose bra was also glowing through her shirt, or inquiring as to why sports bras are apparently so much funnier than..regular bras (seriously, what are they called), or sweetly informing her that when she turned around, I could see her bra through two shirts. I wanted to point out that my sister’s pink shirt was glowing brighter than my white bra, so good luck with that. I wanted to ask her why she felt like it was her place, as a sixteen-year-old, to tell me (an adult, a casual acquaintance, a chauffeur to and from bowling, and one of her hosts for the night) what I can and can’t wear. I wanted to tell her how many fucks I didn’t give, and I wanted to tell her that it’s a makeshift binder, not a sports bra, and that it was none of her business in the first place.

Instead, I just said that I didn’t know what she was talking about; I wasn’t embarrassed in the least, and I plain old didn’t care. At least I didn’t cause a scene?

You went all Zaboo on my Codex there :|

To whom it may concern:

It really bothers me how you think it’s funny when I get mad at something I believe is injustice, and how you never take me seriously, and how you accuse me of being asexual because I’m repressing my desire for you. Using asexuality as a CRUTCH?! Get over yourself.

So you’ll out me as non-hetero in an unsupportive environment, say you “don’t want to preach to me,” then offer sage advice like…

  • “It could be sisterly love.”
  • Maybe it’s your “sheltered life with just work or school all time.”
  • “Maybe you just need to spend more time with the Lord.”
  • Maybe it’s “a lack of social interaction.”
  • “It could be a mental thing.”

Oh yeah, I see how it works.

Too bad. We’re not the same person. Don’t think we are.

Bye. I can’t promise we’ll talk much anymore.

October 14, 2010, 12:28 pm
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Paranoid Parrot is my LIFE.

Day 28: Write a letter to someone. It can be a coming out letter or a letter regarding how you hate their homophobia or whatnot. You don’t have to send it.
July 30, 2010, 2:14 am
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Dear Manager Who Believes in Sasquatch:

I get that you think “gay” is a funny word to use when you want to jokingly insult your friends. I get that you think our gay store manager would be down with that. I’m telling you, as a queer myself and as a gay supporter, I find it offensive. A) Why would you even say something like that in a work environment when you’re surrounded by a bunch of people you only know superficially? What if some of us aren’t heterosexual and you don’t know it? SUCH IS THE CASE. B) What right do you have to make a person’s sexual orientation the punchline of your stupid jokes? I get the impression that if you heard some of us standing around taking swings at your Christianity, you’d be offended. You’d take that personally. It’s a part of who you are, part of your identity as a human being. SO IS WHO YOU LOVE.

I’m not campaigning to change your personal opinion. That would take more time than I have, and probably, for you, only God can do that. If you gain a bigger perception of what God means. Right now what I’m interested in is how you’re treating the queers around you, directly and indirectly. The people around you. I feel like, as a manager, it’s partly your responsibility to ensure that we have a workplace where every employee feels welcome to work. That’s currently not happening.

Working graciously with you but not afraid to stand up to you,

The Girl on Make Line.

*This is IRL. I mean. Tonight I told him his use of “gay” offends me. Next time (because there will be a next time), I’m calling him the fuck out.

You can read the full challenge here on Fuck Yeah LGBT. :)

How to ruin your monitor in two easy steps

I love us.

Day 2: Did you have any experiences as a child that might have foreshadowed your sexuality?
  • When I was five or six, people would ask me if I wanted to get married [speaking of, wtf!] and I’d consistently answer that I wanted to adopt twelve kids—six girls, six boys—but I didn’t want to get married.
  • When I was twelve, my grandmother attempted to give me “the talk,” but I was extremely uncomfortable and so unresponsive that she gave up. At one point, when I said I “didn’t know” the answer to a question, she got mad and said, “Who would know, Peter Pan?!” Haha.
  • During a game of Truth or Dare at a sleepover with two friends, the inevitable “fantasy” question came up. All of us were supposed to share, so I elected to go last, to give me more time to think something up. ;) The entire time my friends were describing “the farthest they had ever imagined themselves going with a boy,” I think, my mind was racing trying to come up with something they hadn’t already said. I failed miserably. I think I ended up saying something about kissing a boy, which ironically is the honest answer to that question. They were a bit offended!

You can read the full challenge here on Fuck Yeah LGBT. :)