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Urban Dictionary’s always interesting
May 4, 2010, 12:23 am
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Search “asexual” on Urban Dictionary and you’ll find, as always, definitions all across the board..from awesome (“The lack of any sexual drive. With this sexuality, you can stare at women right in the face. Yes, I know, It’s amazing to be one.”) to odd (“Is a very rare and strange sexual orientation”). More favorites:

Ironically, the idea of asexualism is very sexy. Andy Warhol was rumoured to be asexual. When I’m not in love, I’m asexual.” [Note: Someone who identifies with the statement “When I’m not in love, I’m asexual” may be demisexual, which is related to asexuality.]

B)has been emotionally disturbed previously in their lifetime to the point of no longer desiring a mate to breed with,”

I enjoy being asexual. Life is less complicated when you factor out trying to get into someone’s pants.”

“someone who knows sex is of the devil. shea has been asexual since his boyfriend cheated on him, and from then on knew it was a sin.

“i can understand why young girls fancy that boy band member, he looks very asexual”