song against sex

On how it sucks to feel trapped in your own body, especially when even your friends don’t understand.
November 15, 2010, 2:21 am
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Here’s an excerpt of a chat with a friend this evening. (We were both feeling angsty and explaining why.)

R: why angsty?
Me: mainly because some of my friends have been posting before/after photos of taking T. :|
R: T?
Me: er, hormones.
R: testosterone?
Me: er, yes.
R: as in recreationally?
R: or for sex change?
Me: noooooooo.
Me: friends who are going to transition or are thinking about it.
R: ah
Me: like, such as.

R: wow.
R: why are your transitioning friends causing you angst?
Me: because i have always wanted boy hips.
R: wanting male hips is not a solid reason to take T
R: it can cause problems with things
R: and also will likely amplify your sex drive times a billion
Me: i wasn’t asking for advice, and i’m not taking T, and i don’t WANT to take T, and i’m not trans but i do experience dysphoria. also, i fucking HAVE no sex drive.
R: sorry, i’m not meaning to be all like forewarning ish or anything
R: i just care, ykno?
R: and one of the side effects of T is increase/development of sex drive, as one of the primary causes of sex drive is testosterone levels.
Me: i sometimes think that bodies suck.

I can’t think about this too long or I’ll get upset, and there are no yadas here to take me out drinking.


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Oh what a bad pelican I am for not having creeped on your blog sooner. Forgive me love?

Anyway, we talked about this last night some, but reading the full transcript makes me understand even more how you were feeling. Just let me know if I need to Have Words with him at any point, mkay?

Again, if you ever at any time need anything, I’m here for you and I’ll do my best to help however I can.


Comment by Nami

Shut up, Anne, you’re the BEST pelican. <3 Nothing to forgiiive~

Heh heh heh. Will do. :)

Comment by talialovesyou

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