song against sex

You people have such dirty minds! Hahaha.
April 30, 2010, 1:19 pm
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Her: =o
Me: That face makes me laugh
Her: Why? because it’s quite sexual?
Me: ……………..It’s sexual? Haha.
Me: Please translate!
(she idles)
Me: Mlle, I am seriously lost.
Her: xDD
Her: =o
Her: Does that conjure up any images of
Her: say
Her: third base?
Her: sucky sucky
Her: licky licky
Me: Okay, no, I can safely say it conjures up no images of sucky sucky licky licky.
Me: But now I’m laughing more.
Her: XDD
Her: wow.

In Talialand, this emoticon is nothing more than a sideways superstartled face.


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